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The PANTHEON conference program is still under construction. We reserve the right to change and/or adapt topics and lecturers.

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Great Hall

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Conference opening

25 years of PANTHEON development and the outlook for the future


Special guests

Andrej Mertelj, Datalab CEO, and Ivica Kostelić, extreme sports enthusiast

Coffee break

New features, Part 1

Sponsor’s presentation – Epson

Striving for continuous development

Gordan Kožulj, Croatian swimmer and record-holder

Lunch break
Gregor Varl
Sponsor’s presentation – Softeh

The most frequent mistakes in ERP implementation

Gregor Varl, CEO


New features, Part 2


Matija Lipar
Partner’s presentation – Telekom Slovenije

Prepare your company’s technologies for an unpredictable business environment

Matija Lipar, Product Manager for Advanced Business Solutions

More info

Companies need to use their technology budgets efficiently and focus their investments on solutions that directly impact their results and their preparedness for an unpredictable market environment. Decision-makers need to assess which processes are suitable to outsource and which should be kept in-house, and set an action plan to adapt technology and support teams to any changes in a timely manner.

Evening event

Welcome drink
Conference dinner
Address and “Best Datalab Partner” certificate awards
Glitz&Glam Something-White Party – Marko Stanković & Band & DJ

Friday, 30 September 2022

GREAT Hall – Accounting and best practices


Klavdij Starman
Sponsor’s presentation – Algoritmik

How AI can Help Your Business

Klavdij Starman, Algoritmik


Edin Bijedić
Goran Šulić

Digital accounting and how to automate accounting procedures with the help of Accounting Dashboard

Edin Bijedić, Datalab BH and Goran Šulić, Datalab SR

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How to automate accounting procedures using the Accounting Dashboard, receive daily error notifications and gain an overview over the work performed.


  • The purpose of the Accounting Dashboard and the process of introducing it into your business
  • Overview of work done across the databases of different companies you work with
  • General ledger summary reports for different databases (also for different companies) in one place
  • Transferring data to recurring invoicing
  • Daily sending of summary reports to email
  • Opening documents and reports in other databases using shortcuts
  • Possibility of an “overnight” automatic posting of issued, received or POS invoices, customs documents and cash registers

Interesting new features in the Financials module with tips and tricks for the optimization of accounting work

Senka Šrot, Datalab SI

More info

Automatic invoice posting, direct reporting, Ad-Hoc analyses, reports etc. – all these are the beginnings of electronic reporting, which encourages us to keep looking for new digital solutions to make our work as easy as possible and save a few clicks.

This presentation will introduce some of the new features and also look at some of the existing useful features that you may not have started using yet.

  • Using the status filter to show unconfirmed documents in Automatic Posting
  • Checking already posted but modified documents in Automatic Posting
  • Automatic Posting by template: possibility to automatically post documents by your own template
  • Integration between PANTHEON and Halcom: importing bank statements, posting eStatements and using workflows
  • How do eSet-Offs work
  • XBRL: creating an annual report in the .xbrl format
  • Creating merged payment orders: what to watch out for so that such orders can also be split when imported
  • Importing bank statements: a quick overview of the most important settings that enable the import process to populate as many details from the .xml file as possible.
  • Easier control between the VAT account and its posting/closing with the help of the “Temp. Acct. for VAT” field
  • Overview of material movements lines in the VAT Account
Sponsor’s presentation – ResEvo

Efficient Business Analytics

Klemen Kovačič, service manager at ResEvo

Coffee break

Wise manufacturing planning: Daily planning and controlling manufactured quantities

George Nikolov, Datalab MK

More info
  • A practical example of daily production planning as an important instrument for ensuring continuous production work.
  • Connecting daily planning with production in PANTHEON Web Light:
    • Demonstration of using PANTHEON Web Light in connection with PANTHEON Manufacture SE
    • Implementation of greater control over the produced quantities in manufacturing using the functionality of closing the production period
    • A practical example of the entire production process
  • Records of customer orders
  • Analysis of Manufacturing BOM
  • Creating a Production Plan
  • Creating Work Orders
  • Creating a Daily Production Plan
  • Connection of daily planning with Manufacturing in PANTHEON Web Light

New features in the Personnel module: Planning working hours, calendars and payroll calculation by department

Bojan Popović, Datalab SR

More info

Overview of payroll preparation details by department.

Employee working hours planning according to the hierarchy in the attendance calendar and changes to working time records:

  • Calendar hierarchy
  • Working time schedule
  • Scheduling of employees’ working time:
    • Adding, modifying and deleting working time

Business analytics: An overview of advanced features

Fikreta Hamzagić, Datalab BH

More info

Advanced functionalities of the ZEUS report:

  • How to tailor the ZEUS report to your needs?
  • Practical demonstration how to run elements, add and delete pages, etc.
  • Using Ad-Hoc and OLAP analysis on dashboards enables the created Ad-Hoc analysis template and the OLAP analysis to be added to the dashboard
  • The summary (TOTAL) display on dashboard widgets – easier reviewing of dashboards and no additional summarization
  • Sales and purchasing planning with additional parameters
Snacks and conference closing

Friday, 30 September 2022

Hall 2 – Management and best practices


Meet PANTHEON Web Light – Online business as a window to the world of contemporary business

Emir Hasanović, Datalab BH

More info

Connecting PANTHEON Web Light to PANTHEON:

  • What are the benefits of this connection?
  • Practical demonstration of data and document exchange between solutions

Organizing and approving documentation using Workflow in the Unija accounting practice

Vladimir Paunović, Datalab SR

More info

An efficient document system is key to the successful management of documents circulating through the company.


Documentation and business processes:

  • ePosting
  • Ease of use and the possibility to connect to email, web services and procedure control processes.
  • Rejecting documents from electronic document exchange providers, checking their statuses and exporting them.


  • Signing documents and storing them electronically.


  • Redesigned interface for running tasks.
Slaven Stojanović
Sponsor’s presentation

Intrix CRM + Pantheon = ❤️

Slaven Stojanović, Intera HR

More info

How integrated Intrix CRM – Pantheon can help companies through the digitalisation process in the following areas:

  • sales
  • project management
  • complaints and field services
  • human resource management

Business benefits of Intrix – Pantheon integration

Coffee break


Smooth transition to Euro in Croatia: System

Lorena Vede Tomišić, Datalab HR

More info


  • Wizard for transition to EUR – General information
  • Double price indication on reports
  • Registers (Exchange Rate, Subjects, Items, Loyalty Cards, Fixed prices, Customs Tariffs)
  • Custom fields (subjects, items, categories, cost centers)


Smooth transition to Euro in Croatia: GOODS and Manufacturing

Marina Obradović, Datalab HR

More info


  • Wizard for transition to EUR: Goods
  • Periodic invoicing
  • Stock calculation
  • POSX – invoices during the dual circulation period


  • Closing the production period
  • Wizard for Transition to EUR: Manufacturing
  • Resources


Smooth transition to Euro in Croatia: Personnel

Đuro Palijan, Datalab HR

More info


  • Wizard for Transition to EUR: Personnel
  • Payroll: Dual currency indication
  • Daily allowances and mileage rates
  • Subjects – Municipalities – Contributions
  • Custom fields in Employee Files
  • Custom fields in Positions of Employment
  • Code relation
  • Loans in Employee Files
  • VSPI
  • Earning Types


Smooth transition to Euro in Croatia: FINANCIALS

Sandra Pačić, Datalab HR

More info


  • Double reporting in Financials
  • Wizard for Transition to EUR: Financials
  • Fiscal year


Smooth transition to Euro in Croatia: Analytics

Lorena Vede Tomišić, Datalab HR

More info


  • Wizard for Transition to EUR: Analytics
  • Planning: currency change on selected plans
  • OLAP analyses
Snacks and conference closing

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Developer Session/Integrations


PAAS, Optimizations and ARES

Mario Franković, Datalab SI | DEV session


PANTHEON integration with web shops

Sead Baljeta, Datalab BH | DEV session

More info

For integration with web shops, an API has been developed that enables integration with any platform or web shop. Data synchronization between PANTHEON and the web shop is carried out by one or more workflows. The start of synchronization can be set by the user by setting up the Task Autorun.

Also, once the order is imported from the web shop to PANTHEON, simple order processing is enabled all the way from shipping from the warehouse until the final invoice is issued. Improvements have also been made to the system of notifying customers about the order status, so that SMS notifications to the customer can now be sent directly from the order document in PANTHEON.

In terms of finance, integration is also enabled by importing bank statements, for example from PayPal, which is a frequently used payment instrument in web shops.

As part of the presentation, the settings in PANTHEON will be introduced, together with the complete process of processing the invoice on the WooCommerce platform and importing it into PANTHEON until the final invoice processing.



PANTHEON Web Services

Vladimir Paunović, Datalab SR | DEV session



Domen Lukančič, Datalab SI | DEV session